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I'm grace.

A student, web designer, entrepreneur, and creator behind Website That Converts, a podcast, community, and online program .

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Website & work hour

a weekly livestream for creative entrepreneurs who want to improve their website.

APRIL 20, 2018 AT 4:00 PM PST

THIS WEEK: how to set up google analytics

What I provide on the the podcast or even the course "Website That Converts" doesn't cover all the technical aspects of building your website. Make Your Site simply teaches you how to build your site, and that's it.

So every Thursday, I decided to hop on live with a different topic each week to show you the exact steps of setting up particular functions on your website.

No signup is required - all you have to do is be a part of our amazing community.

Website & Work Hour

Don't you want to learn how to

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This free online guide covers everything from purchasing a domain & hosting to managing & maintaining your WordPress website.

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