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how to build a website that converts

Dear website visitor,

Here’s me being extremely honest with you. I don’t care about web design. I mean, the beautiful design, layouts, and typography definitely catches my attention. But I’m not here to help you make fancy websites with cool graphics & transitions. I’m here to help you take advantage of your website and bring in actual money.

Your website, essentially, is the foundation & headquarters of your online business. Whether it's a sales page or a fancy website with cool graphics & transitions, your website is a fundamental part of your business.

And my goal is to help you learn how to build a website that converts valuable visitors into paying customers & clients.


even if you sell stars, no one will know unless you market it.


1936 Joseon News


All the content I put out in Website That Converts Podcast are completely free. There is also a free online resource I created called Make Your Site where I guide you step-by-step on creating the website of your dreams. At the end, you can go watch the webinar called, "6 Pillars to a Better Website".

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